Best Start Page 2012

Best Start Page 2012


#1 Tizit


#2 My Yahoo


#3 Igoogle






Each year is a race for the best start page ever, and perhaps by next year, websites that are offering their start page would most likely to vie again for the best start page 2012. There are many changes and improvements that are happening on the internet, and including them is the way many websites improve their services according on how they find users use the web. Having a start page to provide users are what most internet browsers and search engines give because with this kind of feature on their web, both user and provider are on a win-win situation.

For next year, what could be the criteria users will choose for them to consider which would be the best start page 2012? Start pages that never leave the line up for being popular and well-used are, iGoogle, My Yahoo, Netvibes, Speed Dial, and those default start page of the different browsers and search engines that web surfers use. But these start pages should watch their backs because new start page will come out offering greater service which will surely satisfy users.

Most of these start pages are offering the same time and effort saving features for users. They could be customized based on how users utilize them, but each of them still has their own unique features. By the coming years, the need of users will then change and so are these start pages, but the loyalty of users will remain if they are continuously getting the satisfaction from them.

A newly launched start page like (your start page) is equipped with all the features you see from the popular start pages. Aside from giving you a quick and easy access to your most used web sites, it will also provide you with a one-of-a-kind user interface. will be sure to line up the match for the best start page 2012.

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